Welcome to Perrysburg Super Suppers!

We Make Dinner Time Easy.

Our mission is to bring families back to the dinner table - one meal at a time. And it's about time. In today's busy world, time is our most valuable resource--so invest yours where you get the most return and outsource what you can. Outsource your kitchen to Super Suppers!

  • Save TIME: all you do is heat & serve!
  • Save MONEY: you don’t have to buy all those ingredients!
  • Eliminate STRESS: sign me up!
  • Eat HEALTHIER: dietitian approved & FDA serving sizes
  • CUSTOMIZE to your needs: we can make it however you want it!


Your healthy, easy solution to "What's for dinner?"



I would like to thank you for the wonderful meals my family has been enjoying. I can't believe how much easier my evenings have become by not having to decide what to run out to get or spending an hour in the kitchen on dinner and cleanup!

— Crystal Gleason
Club Member

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