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Our mission is to bring families back to the dinner table - one meal at a time. And it's about time. In today's busy world, time is our most valuable resource--so invest yours where you get the most return and outsource what you can. Outsource your kitchen to Super Suppers!

  • Save TIME: all you do is heat & serve!
  • Save MONEY: you don’t have to buy all those ingredients!
  • Eliminate STRESS: sign me up!
  • Eat HEALTHIER: dietitian approved & FDA serving sizes
  • CUSTOMIZE to your needs: we can make it however you want it!


Your healthy, easy solution to "What's for dinner?"

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I loved the Brie and Cranberry stuffed lightly breaded Chicken Breast and it saved  my Saturday afternoon recently!  I am a passionate cook and loved the value this dish provided not only with my time but the quality of the product.   I was in the middle of a huge Saturday project all day while my husband was at work, all of the sudden I realized it is 3:45 and I have nothing out for dinner, I didn't want pizza or some fried junk that all of our small town bars have, with no home made food here.  I remembered this meal I purchased recently and went to the freezer got out this meal and some frozen asparagus I had on hand.  He came in from work a little later, looked at my project and laughed, stating he didn't think I would have any dinner after looking at this, but something smells wonderful in the oven.  He took at look at it and wondered when I had time to put this together.  I couldn't lie, told him, I was cheating today and had brought it home from Super Suppers after cooking class.  He and my 15 year old daughter were impressed, 20 minutes from freezer to table and the dish tasted excellent like "Mom" would make normally.  My husband and I both did the math and noted by the time I would have bought the brie, cranberries and chicken for the 3 of us, from our local store we would have more than the charge for the dish and a bunch of left over brie and cranberries to deal with some kind of round 2 meal. 
I started coming to Super Suppers for cooking classes and have brought home a number of these dishes that Cassie and staff have made a lot of nights easier for me when I'm working late and want a good meal  - my husband admits he doesn't cook very well.  This saves me from one of those overpriced, frost bitten bag meals that are simple for him to make.  I am hoping to come up soon and put together some meals to just have in reserve for him to put in the oven so we don't have to eat at 8 after I get dinner prepared! 

— Kris Atwater

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