Welcome to Perrysburg Super Suppers!

We Make Dinner Time Easy.

Our mission is to bring families back to the dinner table - one meal at a time. And it's about time. In today's busy world, time is our most valuable resource--so invest yours where you get the most return and outsource what you can. Outsource your kitchen to Super Suppers!

  • Save TIME: all you do is heat & serve!
  • Save MONEY: you don’t have to buy all those ingredients!
  • Eliminate STRESS: sign me up!
  • Eat HEALTHIER: dietitian approved & FDA serving sizes
  • CUSTOMIZE to your needs: we can make it however you want it!


Your healthy, easy solution to "What's for dinner?"

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I joined Super Suppers after hearing about their services from my husband. My husband and I have hectic work schedules, not allowing needed time to shop, fix, and cook evening meals. Unfortunately, we were eating out on the average of 4-5 times per week. We decided that we wanted to eat healthier, practice better portion control, and lower our food budget by eating out less. Super Suppers has lowered our food budget by 30%. Additional, we are eating healthier and losing weight. Plus, the whole process is easy and user friendly.

— Felicia Evans and Mayor Nelson Evans

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