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Where do you go when you’ve been told that you need to change your diet due to health or allergy challenges?  Super Suppers is the answer!


Super Suppers has been helping to educate its customers and create healthy entrees full of flavor that are customized to meet their dietary needs since it opened in 2007.  Our current menu offers:

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Treenut Free
  • Heart Healthy/ Diabetic Friendly
  • Thin & Healthy
  • Portion Controlled
  • Low Sodium


We use high quality ingredients, such as All-Natural Chicken, Whole Wheat Pasta and Brown Rice upon request, Skinless Wild Caught Salmon and more.  You can also request that your entrees be prepared without salt, added butters, etc.


If you are allergic to one of the above items, we suggest that the first step be to make an appointment with Cassie Egli, Local Owner of Super Suppers.  She can discuss with you the severity of your dietary challenge and make recommendations as to preparation of entrees in order to meet your needs.  There is currently no added cost to customize your entrée unless you would like gluten free noodles substituted or if you order off menu (from entrée items in our library that aren’t on the current monthly menu). The cost for this is $2 per entrée.


Super Suppers can also help you with soy and egg allergies. Call 419-872-MEAL (6325) or email us at Perrysburg@supersuppers.com to learn more!