Customer Events

Friends Night Out 

Super Suppers is a social outing for many of our guests. If you have a group for a shower, birthday or just a “night out,” let us know and we’ll set up the store just for you.


Why have your party at Super Suppers?

  • LESS STRESS. No need to worry about cleaning your house!
  • GOOD FOOD. Hostess gets to relax and enjoy the event as we take care of supplying food samples and complimentary beverages. Guests can bring their own alcoholic beverages if they wish.
  • Earn FREE items for bringing new customers to Super Suppers!
  • The night is fun and productive, making entrees that will help friends save time and money.


There are currently three event styles offered – see more information about each below.


Traditional Private Party with Host Bonus

Hostess invites friends and family for a fun night out. For each new guest that purchase $50+ on monthly entrees, hostess gets a regular side dish, appetizer or dessert free!


Registering your group is easy:

• Call 419-872-MEAL (6325) to reserve a date for your party.

• Once the date is confirmed, your group can register online for the party.

• As the hostess, you select your free items once your session is full. Full parties are those with the equivalent of 32+regular entrees purchased from the group as a whole.

• We supply drinks, food samples, door prizes and lots of fun at your party. You may bring in your own wine or receive a complimentary pitcher of Sangria at no cost along with non-alcoholic beverages.

• All members of your group will take home delicious meals to feed their families!  If you have a party of 12 or more that each spend a minimum $50 on monthly entrees, each person will go home with an additional regular appetizer, side or dessert free!


Taste of Super Suppers

Are you new to Super Suppers and wanting to learn how our Take n’ Bake entrees can save your family time and money while getting a healthy meal on your table each night? Have a fun night out that is productive at the same time.  


For $15-$17 per person you will enjoy:

  • Food samples &beverages
  • Door prizes
  • Making a regular 3 serving size entrée to take home
  • Additional special promotions that evening.


Complimentary glass of Sangria also served at no cost.  Other themes* include:

  • Margarita & Massage
  • "Tini" (Martini) Tasting
  • Food & Wine Pairing

See calendar for dates and times. Advance registration and payment required due to limited seating.


If you would like to make one of these events a private party, there is a minimum of 15 participants to book this type of private party. If a smaller group wishes to book, we can offer a semi-private party where Super Suppers invites other small groups to join the event.

*Themes include complimentary beverages provided at no cost.


Bridal/Baby Shower

Give the gift of time and money to your favorite bride or mother-to-be!  Have your party at Super Suppers.  There are a few different ways to set up your shower.  Below is the most popular.

  • Choose from a selection of Savories and Sweets to serve your guests. Guests can graze throughout the event.
  • Guest of honor can “register” for the food items she would like from our monthly menu.
  • Guests can make meals and buy sides, appetizers, & desserts for the guest of honor as well as themselves.

Super Suppers will serve complimentary Cranberry Spritzer and you can opt to bring your own alcoholic beverages. After all are done making meals, the guest of honor can open her gifts.

Staff will take care of the set-up and clean-up for you!


Cost Range: Price per person depends on the number of guests and food chosen to eat., minimum of $250. 

Duration: up to 2 hours



Cooking Classes

Super Suppers holds cooking classes with different themes. Our classes are unique as:

  • Students work side by side with the Chef learning new skills and techniques.
  • You will have the option to bring your own wine and enjoy your meal while we clean-up or take home a few items with you along with the recipes!
  • Small class room size is perfect for asking questions and learning as you go.
  • Take home recipes that you’ll use time and again!

If you have a group we are happy to customize an event to your likes and interests. Below are a few titles of past classes:

  • Breads with a Twist (Gourmet Bavarian Pretzels, Braided Breads, and Croissant Rings)
  • Holiday Drinks and Desserts
  • French Desserts
  • Smoker 
  • Flatbread Pizzas
  • All About Beef
  • Mexican Fiesta

Cost RangePrice per person $20-$40 per person for 6-30 people (minimum requirement depends on chef booked for event and theme chosen). 

Duration: up to 2-2.5 hours 


FOR INQUIRIES ON ANY OF THESE EVENTS: Contact the store at 419-872-MEAL (6325), email,  or visit the About Us tab on our website.