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Super Suppers offers a variety of fundraising options.  Why Super Suppers?


  • Unique event brings out more attendees and therefore more funds raised!
  • Easy to sell as Super Suppers helps save time & money.
  • Feel good—entrees are trans fat free and taste great!


Fundraising options 2, 3, & 4 gives 10% of the total proceeds towards “charity or school of choice”.


Option 1: Private Super Suppers Party


$30 per person

Party at Super Suppers Perrysburg store

Food samples, beverages, and door prizes provided

Participants will each make and take a regular, 3-serving meal

Complimentary pitcher of Sangria at no cost OR bring your own alcohol and openers

$10 + 10% of total purchases will be donated to “Charity of Choice” at the end of the evening

Make it Margarita and Massage Night (Margarita vs. Sangria and optional chair massages $1/min.)


Option 2: Scrip Program


You buy Super Suppers gift certificates at a 10% discount

Certificates bought for a $25 denomination

Certificates then sold at full price


Option 3: Super Suppers Order Day


Super Suppers comes to school or organization

We provide food samples, answers questions, and take food orders

We come back to the school at a designated date/time to deliver food


Option 4: Super Suppers Punch Card


You decide $$ amount each card sells for (i.e. $5 or $10)

Participants sell to friends, family, teachers, etc.

You keep 100% of proceeds minus printing costs!

Purchaser will receive a discount on 5 regular size entrees


FOR INQUIRIES ON ANY OF THESE EVENTS: Contact the store at 419-872-MEAL (6325), email perrysburg@supersuppers.com,  or visit the About Us tab on our website.