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Is time just not on your side right now? We can help! We will prepare your meals for you and deliver right to your home, daycare or your office. Cost is $1.50 per mile, minimum of 10 miles. Call 419-872-MEAL (6325) to arrange a date and time that's convenient for you (48 hours notice required or additional fees apply).


It's 4 p.m. Do you know what you're having for dinner tonight?  With Super Suppers Curbside-To-Go, preparing a home-cooked meal is easy no matter how busy you are.

Give us a call, place your order and then drop by Super Suppers. Just give us a call as you heading to the store and let staff know you’d like curb side pick-up, noting the make and color of automobile to look for. Approach curbside and have a healthy, delicious dinner brought to you to take n’ bake. You'll get an affordable, easy-to-cook meal that's ready for your oven.